is a spin-off company of Ghent University (Belgium), founded by Prof. Dr. Adriaan Spruyt and Eng. Joris Derese.  Our goal is to accelerate and valorize academic research into the factors that drive human behavior, both with the aim to measure and predict behavioral outcomes (e.g., job performance, safety behavior, addictive behavior, consumer behavior, decision making) and the aim to influence those behavioral outcomes (e.g., online therapeutic interventions).

The scientific principles on which our products and services are based were (in part) developed at the Learning and Implicit Processes Laboratory (Lip-Lab) of Ghent University. This research was supported by a Methusalem grant of Ghent University awarded to Prof. Dr. Jan De Houwer and funding by the Flemish Research Fund (F.W.O. – Vlaanderen) awarded to Prof. Dr. Adriaan Spruyt. For more information about the Lip-Lab research team, you can consult their website here.

Based on our technical and scientific expertise, we design, implement, and validate online (implicit) assessment tools and intervention strategies, not only for academic institutions but also for industrial and governmental players. In parallel, it is our ambition to educate the general public about inter-individual differences, the impact of implicit processes on behavior, and the various ways in which this impact can be altered.