Online Psychological Testing & Experimenting is specialized in the construction and validation of online assessment tools that allow for a diagnosis of what people are unwilling or unable to report (i.e., so-called implicit measures). For academic partners, we provide tailor-made assistance for online psychological research using implicit measures.


Key Features

Science-Grade Quality

Whatever we do, science-grade quality is our standard. From the implementation of an online study to the validation of an HR assessment tool or the format of our data files, we always aim for the highest scientific norms. Tired of using assessment tools that lack proven validity? All test instruments developed by are based on proven scientific principles. Hire us to get the job done … in a scientifically sound way.


Online data collection equals scalable data collection. Step up sample size and move beyond practical limits. We take care of the hosting so that you can upscale with zero infrastructure costs.

Faster Time To Value

Online data collection saves time. And so does our assistance in implementing research protocols and/or test validation. From start to finish, we speed up the process of acquiring the data you need.

Cutting-Edge And Safe Technology

Our technology doesn't require respondents to download any plugins and we always aim for universal browser compatibility. In sum, we guarantee that respondent attrition rates are reduced to an absolute minimum. We also offer the possibility to collect response latency data over the internet with near-millisecond precision. To ensure that your data are always safe, we rely exclusively on technology with a proven safety track record.


No study or test is identical to another, so we understand the need for a tailor-made approach. No technical or programming knowledge is required. If you can describe it, we can implement it.

Great Support

Our consultants all have an engineering degree or a Ph. D. in behavioral sciences. Simply open a new ticket at our online support center to receive tailored assistance from an expert, fast and easy.

Our Customers