For Organizations


Online Assessment Tools, Including Implicit Measures

Traditional assessment tools are valid only if respondents are both willing and able to self-report the information needed to predict important behavioral outcomes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Implicit measures bypass this problem because they allow for the measurement of processes that operate under automaticity conditions (i.e., processes that are unconscious, fast, efficient, and/or uncontrollable). Typical examples are safety attitudes, job satisfaction, etc. is specialized in the development and online hosting of these implicit measures. Even lie detection on the topic of your choice is a possibility. In addition, we provide neuropsychological tests to capture inter-individual differences in sustained attention, intelligence, etc. All our assessment tools are provided online, thereby allowing for online scoring and real-time summary reports for HR management with very limited infrastructure costs.

Marketing Research Using Implicit Measures

Consumer behavior is often driven by spontaneous preferences or, more broadly, automatic cognitions. We are specialized in the development and hosting of assessment tools that allow you to capture these automatic cognitions. All our tests are based on proven scientific principles and can be administered in large samples around the globe. 

Test Construction and Scientific Validation

Looking for an online assessment tool that doesn’t exist yet? is specialized in the development, validation, and online hosting of tailor-made assessment tools, including measures that allow you to capture automatic processes. Starting with a quantitative literature review, we construct our tests in accordance with the highest scientific norms. We even publish our work in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Outsource the complex process of developing and validating your own psychological tests and start focusing on the outcomes that you want to predict.

For Researchers


Tailor-made Online Studies, Including (RT-Based) Implicit Measures

Online psychological testing and experimenting is the future. Do you want to step up sample size? Do you want to accelerate your research beyond practical and/or geographical limits? Hire us to get the job done, in a fast and efficient way. can either host your online studies or program your online study from scratch. No technical or programming knowledge is required. Simply provide us with the details of your project and we’ll ensure that you get the data you need. Save development time so you can focus on the content of your research.

Scientific Consultancy

All our consultants have an extensive research background in experimental behavioral science, so we know what it takes to design and implement an (experimental) study. We can assist you with the design of your study, the selection of the right research instruments, and/or decisions concerning the exact make-up of a specific (online) implicit measure.

Statistical Consultancy

Data aggregation can be a time-consuming and painstaking process, especially for web-based studies that may include noisy data. Hire us to extract the parameters you need for your research, even if your data were not collected by Our consultants can also take care of all your top-level statistical analyses. We send you a detailed scientific report and the complementary analysis script in the format of your choice (e.g., R, SPSS).